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Seven Interns, Seven Offices, One Workspace.

Upon learning that Pinsent Masons’ 2020 Dublin summer internship was being held virtually rather than the usual in-office experience, I was concerned it may be a less valuable experience. This was partly due to the lack of personal interaction of that forms the usual programme. However, once we were briefed on the planned structure of the internship, that disappointment quickly turned to excitement at the prospect of learning how to work remotely and gaining the skills to do so effectively. The fact that this was an invaluable opportunity quickly became apparent.

Connectivity was at the heart of Pinsent Masons’ virtual summer internship. Between seven interns, there were seven different offices but one communal workspace. The graduate recruitment and the IT teams were there to help us with the smallest of challenges. Despite being physically remote from my team, I felt very close to my co-workers who were only a call or ‘screen’ away at any time. Our teams were active and engaging, encouraging us to source work and helping us complete it to the best of our ability. We also experienced first hand how the firm operates as ‘One Pinsent Masons’ globally, despite the wide international spread of its office locations.

The culture and values of the firm was evident through the various conference calls, Jabber messages, presentations and the fluid workflow. Social activities were not forgotten about. Despite various government restrictions, we still had the chance to participate in virtual escape rooms, online sessions with the trainees and virtual team quizzes.

As a result of this experience I have without a doubt amassed a wealth of practical agile working skills. The effort the firm put in to bringing the internship to life, despite a global pandemic, is admirable. It is a great example of the adaptable and agile nature of Pinsent Masons, where innovation is at the core of everyday activity. I would encourage anyone thinking of applying for the summer internship at Pinsent Masons to do so, regardless of the situation with the pandemic. The firm provided me with a stellar experience despite Covid-19 and will certainly be able to deliver the same to others in the future.