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Summer Vacation Placement 2016: Social Events

Want to join a firm that knows how to have fun? Then look no further…

Pinsent Masons had an action-packed three weeks lined up for us Vacation Placement students, giving a glimpse into the social life of a trainee. One of the things that surprised me most during my placement was just how sociable the firm was – well and truly busting that tired old myth that trainees have very little time for a life outside work!

So, here’s what we got up to during our three weeks…

Lunch with the Trainees

The first social event that Pinsent Masons had lined up for us was a spot of lunch with
some of the trainees. We grabbed some grub nearby at The Beer Kitchen. This provided the perfect
opportunity to get to know each other and to ask the trainees any questions that we had, which they were more than happy to answer!

Touch Rugby

On Wednesdays, the ‘Pinsents Piranhas’ get together for a run around and a game of touch rugby, which we were all warmly invited to. Although my ‘skills’ on the rugby pitch were questionable to say the least, it was a good laugh and great to get involved – even if we did lose the game! We struck it lucky with the weather too!

Drinks with the Partners

We had the chance to speak with some of the partners over drinks in the office after work. It was lovely to chat away in an informal setting, taking the opportunity to quiz them about the firm and their own personal experiences. Everyone at the firm is very approachable and the partners are no exception. All were incredibly friendly, down-to-earth and enthusiastic in answering all the questions that we fired their way.

Social Event with the Trainees

Next up, we had our external social event with the trainees to Escape. Determined to beat the other team, we entered the casino themed room. A lot of confusion and many, many wild guesses later, we escaped with fifteen minutes to spare – surprisingly beating the other team (a bit of healthy competition never hurt anyone, right?). We then hopped on over to the Hard Rock Café for a bite to eat. Over dinner, the trainees had us play ‘two lies and a truth’, where we found out that one of us was a distant relative of the Queen (sadly not me) and that another has the ability to still fit into age ten clothes (okay, maybe me)…

Summer BBQ

The lovely CAD team treated me to a delicious lunch at Byron on my last day. It was great to chat away over our burgers and catch up on the activities of the last three weeks.
Last, but by no means least, we had our end of placement drinks in the evening. The Edinburgh office throws an annual ‘Summer BBQ’ (held this year at Myreside), which luckily for us coincided with our last day. The turnout for the BBQ was impressive (despite the unfortunate weather), with trainees who are due to start later on in the year being invited along too. The BBQ was a brilliant end to an amazing three weeks!


Pinsent Masons’ Vacation Placement is top rated and it’s easy to see why; from the structure and organisation, to the social events and the people – this is a firm that knows being successful and having fun can go hand in hand. The firm prides itself on its values: Approachable, Bold and Connected. After having gained a real insight into the firm, I can honestly say that Pinsent Masons lived up to those values and exceeded my own expectations. I had a fantastic three weeks at the firm and cannot recommend the Vacation Placement enough.


So, go on and… #takethelaw


Emma Shewan completed her 3 week placement in Edinburgh with Pinsent Masons in June 2016. If you are looking to find out more on the Vacation Placement Scheme click here.

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