Consultations on harassment and family leave

Pinsent Masons is delighted to invite you to a breakfast discussion which will focus on two of the government's recent consultations in the Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) area.

The government's consultation on sexual harassment launched with the foreword including "revelations... have made it abundantly clear that this is a problem that persists at a startling rate in our society".

The consultation asks:

  • whether there should be a specific duty for employers to prevent harassment, and what more could be done to ensure that employers do take all reasonable steps to prevent harassment, including consideration of whether transparency on figures is desirable;

  • whether the current regime provides protection from harassment by third parties; and whether more is required in terms of protecting interns and volunteers

  • whether the three-month time limit for bringing harassment claims before an ET should be extended.

We will also focus on one aspect of the Good Work Plan: Proposals to support families, relating to the proposals to reform parental leave to achieve greater balance for work and families. It is a wide-ranging consultation, from whether leave is transferrable between parents, to the correct distribution of the cost.

There are lots for employers to start thinking about - many already are of course. But, responding and presenting the voice of business is important. At the breakfast sessions, we will have a facilitated discussion on the issues above, with a view to preparing a response to the consultations. We would be delighted if you can join us so we can include your views in our response.

Who should attend?

  • HR professionals
  • In-house legal


Event date

Pinsent Masons, Manchester - Free

Pinsent Masons, Leeds - Free

Pinsent Masons, Belfast - Free

Pinsent Masons, Birmingham - Free

Pinsent Masons, Glasgow - Free

Pinsent Masons, London - Fully Booked


The breakfast sessions are free to attend.

Registration is open for refreshments at 8:00 AM with the session finishing at 10:30 AM. Glasgow will begin at 9:00 AM and end at 11:30 AM.