Difficult absence management issues

A report commissioned by workplace absence management specialists, FirstCare, shows that workplace absence is costing the UK economy £18bn and predicts that this will increase to £21bn in 2020, and to £26bn in 2030. In long terms sickness cases there is a risk of managers adopting an "out of sight is out of mind" approach. HR can help managers to devise a strategy at an early stage of a long term absence or when a pattern of short term absences starts. Course topics include: 

  • Responding to "Don’t contact me I’m off sick"
  • Dealing with an employee who refuses access to medical information or to return to work once certified as fit
  • Focusing on and encouraging a [phased] return to work
  • Contemplating dismissal - when is this fair?
  • How PHI benefits complicate matters


Event date

Pinsent Masons, Glasgow - £279 + VAT per person

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This half day course costs £279 + VAT per person. 

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