Making reasonable adjustments for disability to recruitment, capability, attendance and disciplinary processes

This course explores what Tribunals are likely to regard as "reasonable" and what would be seen as asking too much of an employer. 

Topics include: 

  • Dealing with misconduct that is linked to a mental health condition 
  • Investigating thoroughly and justifying any claims of discrimination arising from a disability
  • Adapting a role - how much needs to change and should this be on a temporary or permanent basis?
  • Assessment systems on recruitment and showing flexibility in terms of testing skills and aptitude
  • Triggers for absence management. If OH cannot provide a definite answer on future absences what allowance should be made?


Event date

Pinsent Masons, Birmingham - £279 + VAT per person

Pinsent Masons, Edinburgh - £279 + VAT per person

Pinsent Masons, London - £279 + VAT per person

Pinsent Masons, Leeds - £279 + VAT per person


This half day course costs £279 + VAT per person. 

A '3 for 2' discount is available for bookings on this course.

This can be used across any of our locations. The course starts at 10:00 AM, and concludes at 1:30 PM, followed by lunch.