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Digital Health: Encouraging Innovation

Working at the heart of the healthcare sector, Pinsent Masons' clients range from international technology firms and large enterprise IT-users to start-ups, across both public and private sectors. Here, we provide insight and guidance on the main challenges, barriers and opportunities we are currently seeing in the digital health market.

Digital Health: The Opportunity for Patients, Businesses and Healthcare Providers

Our TMT Insight briefing explores the digital health landscape in detail and provides expert opinion on some of the key issues and challenges, such as current uptake of digital health, global opportunities, barriers to adoption, required business models to accelerate adoption, international progress, protecting innovation, big data and privacy.

Digital health is one of the fastest technology growth areas, with the potential to transform international healthcare delivery. It will likely benefit patients, governments, businesses and healthcare providers across the globe.

It will revolutionalise the health sector, cutting costs through time savings, as well as empowering patients to take their health and wellbeing into their own hands. It is changing the way people interact with doctors and making healthcare services more efficient and accessible to a greater number of individuals. 

Fitness apps, online appointment booking services, remote monitoring of chronic conditions and centralised healthcare records are all individually significant advancements in healthcare provision in their own right, and all fall under the digital health banner.

Yet changes of such magnitude in turn require a rethink of some of the traditional approaches to issues such as regulation, data protection and IP protection. We address some of these issues in the articles on the right of this page.