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How we work with you

SmartDelivery is our solution to today’s business demands for innovation in delivery, risk management and cost clarity. It's a clever combination of people and technology.

Key Contacts

We recognise that clients are looking for law firms that think like they do.  How can we do this more efficiently? How can we get the best value out of the advice we need? How can we manage our risks more effectively? How can we be clear at the outset what the costs are going to be?

How we enhance our services through SmartDelivery

Providing a quality service is the cornerstone of everything that we do.  We have invested significantly in developing technology and processes to enable us to provide that quality service at the lowest possible cost.

We have set out below three examples of how this approach can benefit you. 

Employment tribunals

We have developed our own Case Management Software, which is our platform for delivering great service.  This gives clients the following benefits:

  • Quality: The system ensures you get a high-quality, consistent service by setting out bespoke task lists based on your agreed protocol,  providing links to bespoke precedents and setting out tailored guidance notes for each stage of the process.  
  • Cost effectiveness: By linking through to precedents and being tailored to meet agreed0 protocols, the system allows our lawyers to work efficiently, freeing up their time to focus on the strategic aspects of the claim which add value for you.
  • Continuous improvement: The system allows us to produce tailored automated reports so that you get the management information you want when you want it.  You can also have online access to real-time reports.  This information underpins our continuous improvement service.


Our software enables us to provide detailed management information in relation to other matters that we advise on, so you can manage your risks and save costs by spotting trends and nipping problems in the bud.  

We don't just tell you what the problems are – we work proactively with you to deliver solutions to problems, such as through our award-winning training team.

Access to templates

For a fixed fee, we can offer access via an online portal to bespoke, automated precedents, such as contracts of employment and settlement agreements.  

Your team benefits from:

  • Easy access to tailored documents, ensuring consistency of documentation;
  • Risk management, as we maintain the documents to ensure that they reflect legal developments; and
  • Speed and efficiency, as documents are completed using an intuitive Q&A process.

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