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Copyright is an extremely valuable, often unrecognised or misunderstood right which protects a whole range of original materials including written materials, software, artistic materials, music and dramatic works. It arises automatically without the need for registration in most countries and protects these materials from unauthorised copying. It is essential in business to identify such rights, ensure they are owned by the correct entity, properly protected, enforced and exploited.

Our intellectual property lawyers are experts in copyright law, its identification, ownership, enforcement and exploitation (by assignment or licensing).  Copyright is a very valuable business asset protecting materials as diverse as marketing materials; educational course materials; packaging designs; software; engineering design drawings; databases; music; sound recordings; models and sculptures.

We guide clients through the requirements of copyright law to ensure they maximise the value from their copyright materials.

We regularly advise on the protection and enforcement of copyright against unauthorised use by others; the taking of appropriate steps to ensure ownership is vested in the correct entity; the avoidance of the infringement of third party copyright materials; the acquisition of rights to copyright materials (including software) and the licensing of copyright.  We have extensive experience and expertise and provide commercially focused solutions to your business needs. 

Our recent work has included:

  • advising on the copyright in smartcard technology;
  • enforcing the copyright in designs of packaging for dairy and salad products;
  • enforcing the copyrights in software code, screen displays and databases;
  • enforcing the copyright in marketing materials copied and reproduced on websites; and
  • advising on and negotiating a complex arrangement for the licensing of rights to use software, engineering designs and instructions for use for a major rail infrastructure project.