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Product Recall - the Risk

Every manufacturer and distributor is at risk from its own products!

Most products periodically turn up defects.  If the defect is dangerous or wide spread the cost of putting things right can be very large indeed.

Well handled and at its simplest, a defective batch of product may need to be recalled and the customer relationship managed.

But a product which injures its users or damages a downstream product can generate massive claims.

Ignored or mishandled, and the reputational damage and cost can be astronomical.  The ramifications can threaten to destroy even the largest business.

Examples are easy to find and crop up really regularly –the recent Toyota recalls, computer and phone battery fire recalls, fridge freezer fire recalls etc etc – costs range from the £100ks to the £Billions.

Few products are immune from these risks and the general law takes a very harsh line with producers.  If a product is not of the quality which it is 'reasonable to expect' then the supplier will be liable to compensate all of the losses which were a natural consequence of the defect.

Preventative action and experienced support are mission critical to containing the risk and for sustainable business profits.

A variety of standardised FOC materials to help with these issues are available on links from this website  page.

A more comprehensive set of materials including a template recall/ crisis handling document is available to manufacturers and distributors on request as an extranet, please see contacts on this page.

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