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Dealing With Complex Under Performance Issues

Managers are often put off from tackling under performance because they don’t have a clear vision of how the process works, they fear being accused of bullying and (in a large number of cases) have already decided there is no hope of improvement. This course encourages the "grasping the nettle" approach.

Difficult Absence Management Issues

In long terms sickness cases there is a risk of managers adopting an "out of sight is out of mind" approach. HR can help managers to devise a strategy at an early stage of a long term absence or when a pattern of short term absences starts.

Making Reasonable Adjustments For Disability To Recruitment

This course explores what Tribunals are likely to regard as "reasonable" and what would be seen as asking too much of an employer.

Consultations on harassment and family leave

Pinsent Masons is delighted to invite you to a breakfast discussion which will focus on two of the government's recent consultations in the Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) area.