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European Investment Bank – Public Private Partnerships (PPPs)

Study and report on PPP Legal & Financial Frameworks in the Mediterranean Partner Countries

This study, published by the European Investment Bank (EIB) through the Facility for Euro-Mediterranean Investment and Partnership (FEMIP) Trust Fund, aimed to foster private sector efficiency and set public sector policy and regulation.

EIB commissioned and managed the study in respect of which we coordinated input from legal experts in each of the 9 FEMIP countries: Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Syria1, Tunisia and West Bank.

Phase 1 of the study combined our knowledge with that of Mazars, Salans and Mott Macdonald, and other experts (including legal) in the relevant countries. We worked together and under EIB’s guidance to undertake an analysis of the financial, legal, regulatory and institutional frameworks affecting the implementation of PPPs in the FEMIP countries and to recommend practical steps to improve the ability of PPP to offer solutions to infrastructure needs.

Drawing on our shared PPP expertise and by providing a comparative analysis against PPP implementation in benchmark countries (UK, France, Mexico, Poland and South Africa), we produced a detailed analysis of PPP frameworks in each of the FEMIP countries with an emphasis on practical issues that affect investors. The study culminated in a set of recommendations (including approach to procurement, capacity building, legislative change and institutional development), to facilitate procurement and implementation of viable PPP projects. The countries analysed include those based on civil law, common law or a mixture of both and with PPP capacity at different stages of development. Building on the Phase 1 study, Phase 2 focussed more specifically on PPPs in Morocco and Jordan. Working with our consortium partners, we assisted the Government of Morocco in drafting its new PPP law.  In relation to PPPs in Jordan, the Phase 2 report focussed on an assessment of sector readiness for developing a bulk water supply PPP project in Jordan.

For more information on Phase 1 of the study published by the European Investment Bank – Click here

For more information on Phase 2 of the study published by the European Investment Bank – Click here

1Following EU sanctions in Nov 2011, EIB suspended all disbursements and technical assistance contracts with the Syrian state.

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