Achieving an effective IP strategy in Europe and the United States

The Pinsent Masons team alongside Knobbe Martens will present a practical session from both a European and US perspective.


Keeping the cat in the bag

A close look and comparison of the EU-Trade Secrets Directive with the US Trade Secret Defence Act will provide helpful guidance for conducting business on both sides of the Atlantic.

  • Assessment of the EU-Trade Secrets Directive. Has it fulfilled its intended objectives? 
  • The "reasonable steps" needed to protect confidential information
  • The trap of the "whistle blower exception"
  • Procedures to stop misappropriation of trade secrets before things get out of hand

Freedom to succeed

Before launching a new product, a business will need to assess whether any third parties hold IP rights that could prevent the new venture from moving forward. This session will explore the legal tools available to businesses concerned about the IP rights of third parties. 

  • Differences between Europe and the US for challenging patent and other IP rights
  • The value of clearance searches
  • The role of legal opinions
  • Limits of compulsory licensing

Protecting your patch: strategies for effective enforcement of IP 

Often the true value of IP for a business comes from the ability to enforce IP rights effectively. This session will cover key considerations.  

  • When and where to enforce your rights in the Courts. Managing multi-jurisdiction litigation.
  • What forms of relief to seek 
  • Courts' ability and willingness to grant effective remedies to stop and compensate for any infringement 
  • Seeking declaratory relief and challenging patents at the Patent Office as parts of a long term litigation strategy


Event date

Pinsent Masons, 30 Crown Place, London - Free

Pinsent Masons, 21 rue Balzac 75008, Paris - Free

Pinsent Masons, Ottostr. 21, 80333 Munich - Free


All sessions followed by networking drinks.


Event location

Pinsent Masons
Ottostrasse 21
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Pinsent Masons
21 - 23 Rue Balzac
Paris CEDEX 08
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Pinsent Masons
30 Crown Place
Earl Street
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