Developed by competition law specialists at Pinsent Masons LLP in partnership with Dow Jones Risk & Compliance, the Competition Law Compliance course delivers practical guidance to directors and employees on what competition law is, how it applies to their day to day activities and how they can ensure compliance. The content is updated regularly to reflect any changes to competition law.

UK, EU and other national competition laws prohibit anti-competitive agreements and abuse of a dominant market position. There are serious consequences of breaching competition law for companies and individual directors and employees.

Being able to demonstrate that compliance training has been undertaken by staff may result in a more lenient approach to assessing the level of fines even if a breach is later found to have occurred. Online compliance training for directors and employees is a useful part of a company's competition law compliance programme that may be supplemented by face to face training for employees most at risk.

After completing this module, employees will be able to:

  • Understand what competition law is and how it might impact the company's activities and the market;
  • Receive guidance on how to comply with different aspects of competition law, including cartels and other anti-competitive agreements, tendering and dealing with customers and suppliers; and
  • Understand the risks for the company and its directors and employees if competition law is breached, including:
  • Imprisonment and unlimited fines for individuals
  • Director disqualification
  • Fines for the company of up to 10% of worldwide turnover of the corporate group
  • Follow-on damages actions
  • Reputational damage and blacklisting

Course details

The course takes around 40 minutes to complete and comprises of 7 modules (final assessment 10 questions, minimum pass rate 80%).

Module 1-2

  • What is competition law?
  • What is prohibited?
  • What are the consequences of breaching competition law?

Module 2

  • How is an agreement defined?
  • Cartels and other agreements between competitors

Module 3 - Abuse of dominance

  • What is market dominance?
  • What is an abuse?

Module 4 - Tendering

  • Bid-rigging
  • Joint tendering and joint ventures

Module 5 - Information exchange

  • What is commercially sensitive information?
  • Exchanging information with competitors
  • Trade associations and benchmarking

Module 6 - Suppliers, distributors and customers

  • Vertical agreements
  • What is permitted and not permitted

Module 7 - Hypothetical scenarios

The modules can be tailored to your particular business or industry sector at an additional cost. We are also able to develop bespoke modules covering additional compliance areas.

Tracking and reporting

  • Ability to track and comprehensively report who has completed the online training
  • Reporting on who has passed or failed the minimum pass mark for the test questions
  • Summary report for the Compliance Officer and/or the Board to satisfy themselves that adequate compliance training has been provided
  • Annual refresher training can be rolled out
  • New joiners can be asked to complete the training.

Conveniently accessed by your global workforce

  • Web-based compliance training hosted by Dow Jones Risk & Compliance Training Center platform
  • Technical support in roll-out and compatibility with your company's IT systems
  • No login requirements—users simply click an emailed link to access/complete a module
  • Responsive platform is optimised for mobile, laptops and tablets
  • Minimal broadband dependency ensures users can complete training from any location.


  • Annual module charge
  • Plus annual user charge based on a sliding scale of number of users
  • Fixed fee estimates for customisation of content can be provided.
  • Please contact us for an indicative fee quote.

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For more information, contact Alan Davis contact or email: [email protected]