Governance in action - diversity and decision-making

Pinsent Masons is delighted to invite you to the first session of our "Governance in Action" breakfast series. In this series, we will look at all aspects of pension scheme governance with this first session focussing on diversity and decision-making on trustee boards.

The drive for good governance is a hot topic in the pensions industry and is gaining even greater traction following the Pensions Regulator's recent consultation on trustee effectiveness and diversity, tougher rules on investment governance and its 21st century trusteeship initiative.

Good governance is the cornerstone of a well-run occupational pension scheme and integral to protecting and securing members' benefits and providing members with value for money. Please join a panel of our pensions experts and well-known figures in the industry for a session on:

  • Composition of trustee boards - how to ensure diversity and proportionate representation on a trustee board in a world of increasing professionalisation

  • Governance structure and processes - scope of trustees' liability and accountability, use of sub-committees and how to delegate effectively to third parties

  • Conflict of interests and unconscious bias - how to ensure trustees' personal opinions do not affect decision making.


Event date

Pinsent Masons, London - Free


The breakfast sessions are free to attend.

Registration is open for refreshments at 8:00 AM with the session finishing at 10:00 AM.


Event location

Pinsent Masons
30 Crown Place
Earl Street
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