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Nick Finnie

Legal Director

Nick is a UK and European Patent Attorney with more than 23 years’ experience advising on patent matters in the Life Sciences sector, both in private practice and in-house, as well as having qualified as a US patent agent and Australian Patent Attorney. He also has a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology. Nick has broad and extensive experience in pharmaceutical patent matters, with particular expertise in biologics, and a detailed inside knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry. His extensive in-house experience, which brings a good understanding from the inside of how life sciences companies view IP risks and opportunities, enables Nick to provide highly commercial, business-relevant IP advice.

Nick's latest work


    • 2018
      Novartis Pharma AG - Global Head, Platforms IP
    • 2015
      Novartis International AG - Global Head, Corporate Patents; Head of IP Asset Management, Head of Legal Operations
    • 2015
      Qualified - US Patent Agent
    • 2012
      Novartis Vaccines & Diagnostics, Inc. - Global Head IP
    • 2008
      Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd - Global Head, Respiratory Patents
    • 2005
      Pizzeys, Australia - Senior Associate
    • 2004
      Qualified - UK Patent Attorney
    • 2003
      Unilever plc - Senior Patent Attorney
    • 2002
      Qualified - Australian Patent Attorney
    • 2001
      F.B. Rice & Co., Australia - Patent Attorney
    • 1999
      Qualified - European Patent Attorney
    • 1995
      University of Cambridge - MA/Ph.D Molecular Biology
    • 1995
      D. Young & Co./ J.A. Kemp & Co. - Patent Attorney
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