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Competition dawn raid tool

Prepare, React, Respond

Competition authorities can launch a dawn raid at any time. How prepared you are and how you react in the early stages of a raid may have a significant impact on your legal position.

Our Competition Dawn Raid Tool will guide you through those important early decisions and will help you to protect your rights, defend your interests and respond appropriately to the investigation.


1 iconHow will the Competition Dawn Raid Tool help me?

It gives you immediate access to guidance on what actions to take and on what your rights and obligations are. The answers you need, in your hand when you need them.

2 iconHow can I access the Competition Dawn Raid Tool?

It is available on your phone on a mobile website that behaves like an app.

3 iconWhat are the immediate benefits in a crisis situation?

Our tool gives you immediate help and quick access to our competition dawn raid specialists, all in one place that your whole team can access. It is a vital tool for lawyers, compliance officers or commercial team members.


Quick reactions and good decisions are what will determine how effective your response to a competition dawn raid is. Our tool means that your team can be prepared for what happens on the day of a raid, providing clarity for lawyers and other team members, and giving you the best chance of successfully managing the legal risks.