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CLM Maturity Assessment

Measure your maturity in contract lifecycle management


How you create, execute and manage contracts can have a major impact on your business relationships and commercial success. Use our tool to learn how well you manage contracts compared to others.

Contracts define your relationships with business partners but are too often ignored. This can lead to missed opportunities or increased risk of legal action for breach of contract, which can be a costly distraction.

Good contract lifecycle management (CLM) is essential but can be confusing, and we are here to help you pick and manage the best systems. Often these systems underperform because they are not used to capture and manage every aspect of the contracting process.

The best starting point is finding out how sophisticated your approach to contracts is and how it can be improved. Our assessment tool measures your full contract lifecycle management processes against our maturity model and gives you a score, then produces a tailored report to help you improve.

We assess:

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incorporating the request, triage and management of contract requests; how new contracts are drafted

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contract reviews, negotiation, approvals and signing processes

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how you store your contract documents; how you manage the performance of the contract against real-life events, and how you report on and learn from your contracts by using analytics



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