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Datalis and Datalis IMA

Investment fund and asset management reviews powered by data

Enabling you to manage legal risk and improve decision-making to stay ahead of the market.

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Investment fund reviews powered by data


homepage Datalis icon 1 - 80x80pxHow will Datalis help me?

Datalis provides a unique insight on market terms and trends across all asset classes by collecting vast amounts of contractual data. Using this data will improve your investment process, inform future decision-making and facilitate negotiations of fund terms.

homepage Datalis icon  2 - 80x80pxWhat is the output?

Advising on close to 150 fund investments each year provides us with a wealth of data which Datalis uses to prepare consistent reporting to ensure key terms and risks are identified and addressed.

homepage Datalis icon  3 - 80x80pxHow will Datalis manage my legal risk?

Datalis builds an image of the legal positions across your portfolio and compares it against broader market practice, allowing you to identify and mitigate potential legal risks.

homepage Datalis icon  4 - 80x80pxHow will Datalis manage my internal legal processes?

Having built up an image of your positions, Datalis allows you to put in place parameters within which teams may operate and to set escalation triggers to free up risk and legal teams.


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Datalis IMA

Asset management reviews powered by data

Datalis IMA

homepage Datalis IMA icon 1 - 80x80pxHow will Datalis IMA help me?

Datalis IMA improves templates and drives negotiations by identifying items that are not market standard and missing regulatory disclosures. It also manages legal risk and informs decision-making by creating risk reports and House guides.  

homepage Datalis IMA icon  2 - 80x80pxWhat is the output?

Datalis IMA generates an advice note highlighting where the IMA requires amendment for regulatory compliance and to bring it in line with market standard. It can also create a database of your key terms, and build risk profiles and House guides.

homepage Datalis IMA icon  3 - 80x80pxHow is Datalis IMA different to traditional IMA reviews?

It combines market expertise with a cost-effective approach using our specially-trained paralegal team. Senior team members advise you on the output and carry out negotiations on your behalf.

homepage Datalis IMA icon  4 - 80x80pxHow will Datalis IMA enable me to be ahead of the market?

With each IMA review, Datalis IMA’s database of market standard terms evolves. This provides solid data for your negotiations and enables us to create gold standard templates.



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Oliver Crowley


Oliver specialises in the structuring and establishment of private investment funds across a range of asset classes.

Oliver Crowley
Alice Bell

Senior Associate

Alice advises investment managers, funds and other financial institutions on a variety of UK and EU regulatory matters. She focusses on regulation affecting asset managers, such as the AIFMD, MiFID II, and the SM&CR.

Bell Alice_November 2019