This online breakfast seminar will review current dispute trends in the UK renewable energy sector, our predictions on the likely sources of disputes in the future and tips on how to avoid them.

The renewables sector has experienced significant growth in recent years, early projects in the UK are starting to reach maturity, the drive to reduce cost (lowering of state subsidies) and increased regulation has created a number of issues not least around the economic viability of projects and the subsequent pressure on capital expenditure. This in turn is leading to financial pressure on the supply chain, a drive to protect intellectual property rights and the inevitable disputes that follow. We have seen this particularly in offshore wind, solar and waste to energy.

You will have the chance to engage with a panel of leading practitioners involved in renewable energy projects globally from Pinsent Masons, who will reflect on construction, intellectual property and regulatory disputes that have arisen over the last decade in the UK, gain insight into their predictions for the coming decade as to the issues that are likely to give right to disagreements in the future and share tips on how disputes may be avoided.


Event date

08:30 - 09:30 BST

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