What can arbitration practitioners learn from running a Beach Club?

This CIArb (EAB) YMG webinar, co-organised with Pinsent Masons, consists of Ronald Pang, Chair of CIArb (EAB) YMG as Moderator, Damien McDonald, Barrister at Prince’s Chambers and Pinsent Masons lawyers Bernice Shang and Ka Wai Ng, as speakers, who will examine the case: RAV v Therapy Beach Club [2021] UKPC 8 and the meaning of substantial injustice when it comes to serious irregularity challenges. They will also compare it to the position in Hong Kong, where there is an optional challenge to awards on the grounds of serious irregularity under the Arbitration Ordinance.

The judgment held that a serious irregularity challenge does not require a separate and express allegation of substantial injustice by the applicant and a separate consideration and finding of substantial injustice by the court, in order to be successful. However, it will be good practice for the judge determining the application to expressly and separately establish substantial injustice.


Event date

17:00 - 18:00 HKT


Bernice Shang

Solicitor at Pinsent Masons

Damien McDonald

Barrister at Prince’s Chambers

Ka Wai Ng

Associate at Pinsent Masons

Ronald Pang

Chair at CIArb (EAB) YMG