Our global webinar series looks to life beyond COVID-19 and draws on our global infrastructure team of experts looking at a range of issues and opportunities for businesses in the sector, considering local and global perspectives.

World response to the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the critical importance of digital connectivity for our wellbeing and prosperity. As the world emerges from the crisis there is an accelerated need to re-envision the infrastructure used by our communities as a series of interconnected systems which serve as platform for human flourishing. Increased digitalisation and use of data is needed to enable purpose driven infrastructure which drives productivity, connectivity and sustainability for the public good.


In this webinar, we look the role of data specifically within the Infrastructure sector, exploring the advantages of using data and technology (including AI and Digital Twins) and the potential to achieve this vision of infrastructure for human flourishing.

We will discuss:

  • Key market trends and factors driving greater adoption of technology and use of data
  • The data opportunity in the infrastructure sector
  • The importance of data strategies, data sharing and compliance
  • Other key enablers for generating better data use and insights

Pinsent Masons Video

Event date

10:30 HKT

08:30 GMT



Jeni Tennison

Vice-President and Chief Strategy Adviser at Open Data Institute