Fund Essentials - Cross-border marketing of investment funds post-Brexit

With the end of the Brexit transition period approaching, investment managers must carefully consider what steps they need to take in order to continue the marketing of their funds.

As part of our ‘Fund Essentials’ series, our international Investment Funds & Asset Management team invite you to attend a webinar exploring the implications of Brexit on the marketing of investment funds across Europe. Our panel will discuss:

  • The selling of EU funds into the UK post-Brexit – Elizabeth Budd, Asset Management and Investment Funds (UK)
  • The selling of UK funds into Germany post-Brexit – Dorothee Atwell, Investment Funds & Asset Management (Germany)
  • Raising capital from European investors, the options available - Structuring a Management business in Europe – substance requirements and delegation back to the UK – Gayle Bowen, Investment Funds & Asset Management (Ireland)

Event date

10:30 -11:30 GMT