2019 Pay Gap Report


As the Pay Gap reporting regime enters its third year, we have taken the opportunity to apply the calculations more widely to our business in support of the equality that it stands for. This year, in addition to the mandatory employee gender reporting requirements, we have once again included partner and ethnicity data and have opted to analyse our LGB pay gap too.

The Pay Gap reporting regime has shone a spotlight on some of the inherent structural iniquities that exist in the UK workforce, particularly in the legal profession. It has sparked debate and raised awareness, and most importantly, it gives us deeper insight into how to drive positive change.

However, our progress isn’t motivated by data-driven objectives as we know that we cannot expect to see a dramatic shift in the figures in the short term.

Every day, we’re driven by the belief that if businesses are to work better – for their people, clients and society – they must be diverse and inclusive of all talents. The analysis undertaken to determine our pay gap plays a valuable role in helping to signpost where we can place greater focus on creating sustainable, meaningful change.

We have used this insight to take action.

Our achievements, such as being named a Times Top 50 employer for women and a top five LGBT+ employer by Stonewall, are heartening indicators of our progress towards a long term goal.

The measures that have been, and will continue to be, applied to our business are essential steps towards creating an environment that is inclusive for all.

I’m proud to be part of a business that prioritises doing the right thing for the right reasons and am confident that by continuing on this path, over time we’ll see positive change across the profession.

Richard Foley


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