2020 Pay Gap Report


As the pay gap reporting regime enters its fifth year in Great Britain, businesses across the world are adapting to the impact of Covid-19, the consequences of which are far reaching both from an economic and societal perspective.

As the full impact of the crisis is yet to be realised, now more than ever, a clear and decisive commitment to belonging and inclusion is critical. We believe doubling down on efforts to create a genuinely inclusive environment in which our people can innovate, thrive and be successful is a vital aspect of our response to the pandemic.

We are immensely proud of the work we have done to date, but it’s critical that we don’t become complacent. Our strength as an innovative professional services business with law at the core hinges on the success of our people and the working environment we create to support them.

Pay gap reporting highlights the value and importance of our drive to promote diversity and inclusion. This year we have opted to report on our disability pay gap for the first time as we underscore our commitment to belonging and inclusion and strengthen our network groups to encourage and champion change for all of our people.

While we recognise that publishing data will not address the issue, it serves as a powerful reminder that our work to promote change and make business work better for people must continue apace.

Richard Foley


Read the 2020 report here.