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December 2007 update for Client V

This is the first monthly update of OUT-LAW content that we think will be of most interest to Client V. Nothing contained in these pages is confidential. Accordingly, while these pages are intended...

This is the first monthly update of OUT-LAW content that we think will be of most interest to Client V.

Nothing contained in these pages is confidential. Accordingly, while these pages are intended for Client V only, they can be accessed by anyone (albeit they will not be found via OUT-LAW's search engine or links on other pages).

Microsoft faces new antitrust challenge in Europe
Mon, Dec, 17 2007
A small Norwegian web browser firm has complained to the European Commission that Microsoft's behaviour is damaging competition in Europe. Opera Software claims that Microsoft is unfairly tying Internet Explorer to its Windows operating system.

Amazon stripped of gift ordering patent
Fri, Dec, 14 2007
Amazon has been stripped of a shopping system patent, just weeks after it was forced to shrink the scope of its famous 'one click' patent. The European Patent Office (EPO) has revoked an Amazon patent on a gift ordering system.

Chief execs in firing line over e-disclosure
Thu, Dec, 13 2007
Company chief executives are ignorant of rules about the storing of electronic information despite the fact that they will pay the penalty for failures to preserve information as evidence in disputes, according to an industry survey.

Half of EU firms outsource IT
Wed, Dec, 12 2007
Almost half of Europe's companies outsource their IT, according to EU figures. The EU's statistics office Eurostat said that 44% of companies in Europe outsource some of their IT functions.

Data protection law will be reviewed
Wed, Dec, 12 2007
The Government has launched a consultation into how personal data is treated in the aftermath of the HM Revenue and Customs' loss of 25 million people's sensitive information.

Organisations should run privacy impact assessments, says ICO
Tue, Dec, 11 2007
Organisations must consider the impact on individuals’ privacy before developing new IT systems or changing the way they handle personal information, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) will urge today.

Employment Bill published by UK Government
Mon, Dec, 10 2007
Rogue employers could face unlimited fines and agency workers will enjoy stronger protection under a new Employment Bill published by the Government on Friday. The reforms also abolish the current statutory disciplinary procedures.

EU agrees to overhaul VAT on digital services
Fri, Dec, 7 2007
Downloads of software, ringtones, games, music and movies sold to consumers will be taxed where the consumer is located instead of where the supplier is based with effect from 2015 under changes to Europe's VAT regime agreed on Tuesday.

VoIP providers will have to connect 999 calls, says regulator
Wed, Dec, 5 2007
Providers of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone services will have to connect calls to emergency services within an year, telecoms regulator Ofcom has ruled.

Auction watchdog says eBay is illegal in France
Wed, Dec, 5 2007
A French Government watchdog is trying to shut down eBay in France. The Council of Sales regulates auction houses and has said that the site should be bound by strict French auction rules.

European Commission plans security breach notification law
Wed, Dec, 5 2007
The European Commission wants laws to be passed across Europe that would force telecoms companies to tell customers when personal data security has been breached. Security breach laws are common in the US but are still controversial.

TK Maxx owner offers $41 million for record-breaking data breach
Wed, Dec, 5 2007
The head of risk at credit card firm Visa has called for greater security in retail payment systems. The call came as a deal was announced under which TK Maxx owner TJX will pay out $41 million over its recent customer data breach.

Business should fund domain name police, says expert
Tue, Dec, 4 2007
A technology law expert has called on the business world to set up a policing outfit to tackle cybersquatters. The call came as Dell raised the stakes in the fight against domain hoarders, demanding compensation of $1 million per name in a lawsuit.

Privacy chief given another chance to seek new powers
Tue, Dec, 4 2007
The Information Commissioner will have the chance to lobby MPs for greater powers in the wake of the HM Revenue & Customs data loss scare when he is grilled by the House of Commons Justice Committee today.

Facebook backtracks on publishing users' purchases
Mon, Dec, 3 2007
Social networking site Facebook has said that it will no longer automatically tell people's friends of their online activities after an outcry claiming that its new advertising service was a violation of users' privacy.

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