Australias Northern Territory creates new infrastructure body

Out-Law News | 30 Apr 2021 | 12:36 pm |

Australia’s Northern Territory state government has set up a new infrastructure body, aiming to create jobs by developing projects that attract private investment to the state.

The Infrastructure NT Commission will “actively pursue investment and drive major projects in the Territory”, and work with Infrastructure Australia to deliver major infrastructure projects in domestic to help to achieve the NT government’s goal of a AU$40 billion economy by 2030, according to a statement.

The Infrastructure NT Commission will liaise directly with the Ministry of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics and establish a strategic infrastructure planning and development function to plan, coordinate and adjust infrastructure needs with industrial and population growth.

The body will set up a professional team to ensure the public infrastructure requirements are supported by Australia and broader community; it will develop a new infrastructure strategy for the purpose of economic sustainability. Its work will also include to review and define processes to assess and prioritise all major publicly funded infrastructure investment proposals.