Notorious computer hacker, Kevin Mitnick, has been told that he is no longer banned from using all forms of on-line access. A federal judge ruled last month that to impose a blanket ban on all computer related activites was unacceptable and it has been confirmed this week that he may work with computers on a limited basis.

The ban was imposed on Mitnick following his release from prison after spending nearly five years there. He was imprisoned after he allegedly caused the loss of millions of dollars by hacking into numerous computer systems causing extensive damage to companies and institutions.

Mitnick’s victims included well-known companies Motorola, Novell, Nokia and Sun Microsystems as well as the University of Southern California. His arrest was made after a three year investigation by the FBI.

Upon Mitnick’s release he was placed under a three year prohibition which excluded him from any access to computers, cellular telephones, televisions or any equipment that could be used for internet access.

The relaxation of some of these restrictions now means that Mitnick can make contributions to on-line magazine ‘Contentville’. He can also speak and provide consultations, both in person and on certain television shows, on computer security.