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Kensington and Chelsea adopts CIL charging schedule

Out-Law News | 28 Jan 2015 | 5:11 pm | 1 min. read

The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea will implement community infrastructure levy (CIL) in its administrative area from 6 April, following adoption of its charging schedule last week.

Under the adopted charging schedule (3-page / 1.5 MB PDF), the Borough will be divided into eight charging zones. A nil rate levy will be applied to all development within Zone G, the part of the Earl's Court masterplan development which falls within the Borough, and Zone H, the Kensal strategic site.

Residential developments in the rest of the Borough will be charged: £750 per square metre in Zone A; £590 per sq m in Zone B; £430 per sq m in Zone C; £270 per sq m in Zone D; £190 per sq m in Zone E and £110 per sq m in Zone F.

Extra care housing developments will be charged: £510 per sq m in Zone A; £230 per sq m in Zone B; £300 per sq m in Zone C; £160 per sq m in Zone D; and a nil rate levy in Zones E and F.

Outside Zones G and H, hotel developments will be subject to a rate of £160 per sq m and student accommodation will be charged £125 per sq m.

A nil rate levy will apply to all other development.

In addition to CIL charged by the Council, any developments in the Borough will also be subject to Mayoral CIL. The Mayoral CIL charge in Kensington and Chelsea is £50 per sq m on all uses except for health and education purposes, which are exempt.