PwC Consulting ridiculed in domain name farce

Out-Law News | 21 Jun 2002 | 12:00 am |

PricewaterhouseCoopers consulting arm has re-branded as “Monday” at a cost of £70 million. Included in this figure was its purchase for over £3 million of the name and trade marks of a PR firm that was, inconveniently, called “OneMonday.” For just £10 more, however, PwC could have avoided some of the humiliation it now faces on the internet.

Monday’s launch web site is at the domain name Unfortunately, PwC did not bother to register (which would have cost around £10). That name has been taken by the comedy site which is running a piece of animation at which sticks two fingers up to Monday with the message “We’ve got your name.”

Cybersquatting it may be, but Monday is only likely to face further humiliation by taking any action to recover the name.

Monday’s main site will be at Unfortunately, it did not acquire which is owned by e-mail provider and can be used by anyone as an address is also poking fun at the consultants.