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South Oxfordshire consults on CIL draft charging schedule

Out-Law News | 05 Mar 2015 | 5:01 pm |

South Oxfordshire District Council has opened a consultation on its community infrastructure levy (CIL) draft charging schedule (DCS), proposing rates of up to £150 per square metre for residential development.

The Council has proposed, in the DCS (14-page / 3.5 MB PDF), to charge a nil rate for residential development at the strategic sites at 'Didcot North-East', 'Ladygrove East' and 'Wallingford Site B'. The remainder of the district would be divided into two charging zones for residential development.

Residential development in 'Zone 2', which includes Didcot and the village of Berinsfield, would attract a proposed rate of £85 per sq m. In 'Zone 1', which covers the rest of the district, a residential development rate of £150 per sq m has been proposed.

Residential rural exception sites, care homes and extra care developments would be excluded from the residential development charges and would instead attract a district-wide nil rate levy.

A district-wide charge of £70 per sq m would apply to supermarkets, superstores and retail warehouses under the scheme and office development would be charged a rate of £35 per sq m.

A district-wide nil rate levy would apply to all other uses, including small centre retail and hotels.

The consultation is open until 26 March. The Council said it expects to implement CIL in the winter.