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Alan M. Ralsky and his Michigan-based company Additional Benefits LLC, considered to be among the most prolific senders of spam, have settled a lawsuit filed by Verizon last year, according to the Associated Press. The agreement requires Ralsky to stop sending unsolicited commercial e-mail to Verizon's 1.64 million customers in 40 US states.

Under the terms of the agreement, parts of which were kept confidential, Additional Benefits is permanently barred from sending bulk e-mail on any of Verizon's networks. The company must also pay Verizon an undisclosed sum, the Associated Press reports.

Both Verizon and Ralsky have refused to comment on the settlement, citing confidentiality agreements.

Verizon sued Ralsky in 2001, alleging that its network was blocked twice by millions of e-mails sent to its customers by Additional Benefits' clients. Verizon, which claims that it filed the suit following consumer complaints, sought to entirely shut down Ralsky's business in addition to claiming damages of $37 million.

Ralsky has refused any liability, claiming that he never sent unsolicited e-mails to people who indicated they didn't want them.