Contracts and Brexit: Understanding your exposure

One of the most daunting Brexit challenges is the requirement to review existing contract portfolios to understand their risk exposure. Using our own artificial intelligence software, Pinsent Masons has developed a modern solution to an unprecedented challenge.

Commercial contracts are the first line of defence if you need to mitigate the impact of Brexit on your business. If your organisation can build certainty into its contractual ecosystem, it does more than give you one less thing to worry about - it gives you commercial advantage.

With the latest in legal knowhow, artificial intelligence and cloud-based delivery solutions, we can help you create greater certainty and identify opportunity.

Contact us to learn more about our end-to-end solution, which features three innovative components:

New contracts protocol

We'll help you future-proof your arrangements with customers and suppliers by identifying key contractual terms that need to be incorporated or avoided in any new contracts. In addition, we'll work with you to review your governance processes.

For instance you may choose to require a more senior level of sign-off for new contracts that carry significant currency risk or assign responsibility for tariffs.

And with our award-winning SmartDelivery system, we can embed your process and ensure all new contracts are captured and stored efficiently and effectively.

Brexit Contracting Solutions Video

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AI-assisted review of existing contracts

What's your exposure to currency risk in your existing portfolio of contracts? How many cite the EU as the governing territory of the contract and therefore need review? What, if anything, do your contracts say about tariffs?

Pinsent Masons is a market-leader in the application of artificial intelligence to document review in the context of legal services. We can help you quickly and easily find the answers, and advise on next steps. Working with you, we'll seek to understand the risks that cause you most concern.

We'll then configure our proprietary technology to quickly and effectively review your existing portfolio of contracts to assess that risk. Finally, we'll consult with you to help prioritise where you focus time, resource and expenditure for maximum competitive advantage.

Supply chain risk assessment

Your position is sorted. But what about your business-critical suppliers?

If they are over-exposed to currency risk or price increases, it could impact your business. Suppliers may seek to pass increased costs on to you, to re-negotiate terms, or be unable to fulfil their obligations.

In the most extreme cases, we will help you develop a Supply Chain Failure strategy to ameliorate risk arising from a catastrophic business failure within your supply chain.

Further information

How could our end-to-end solution help you? Download our Brexit Contracting Solution guide for further information and find out more about our Three Step Plan, covering:

  • New Contracts
  • Existing Contracts
  • Supply Chain 

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