Family, friends, fitness, food and fun. The most important things in life for Alan Blinder, one of our Varios in Australia.

Having since joined Vario, Alan has managed to find more time to enjoy the things he values most.

After studying Law at university, with wide-eyed ambitions of changing the world as an aspiring lawyer, Alan eventually found himself immersed into the world of legal practice as a corporate lawyer.  A successful career working in private practice as well as in-house, Alan took some time away from the pressures of full-time work, before deciding to explore freelancing as a long-term career option.

Working out not working in the office. Alan at the gym.

Alan’s first interaction with Pinsent Masons was in a previous in-house role where he instructed the firm and was impressed with their legal capabilities and expertise.  He later learned about Pinsent Masons’ Vario service and decided it was the right route for him.  After applying through Vario’s website and progressing through the robust application process, Alan was accepted into Vario’s hub of other leading legal professionals. “The professionalism of the Vario team has been impressive, and the camaraderie with the wider Pinsent Masons firm has come as a very welcome and pleasant surprise. There’s always good support back at the Vario office.  The positions discussed with me have always been appropriate, interesting and for top-notch clients.”

Working on a freelance basis, accepting assignments which fit around his busy, active lifestyle, Alan has found he can now devote more time and efforts to his other passions: “Time at the gym has gone from a self-indulgent and luxurious rarity to an essential part of my routine.  Taking part in my kids’ activities is always a top priority and helping out the organisations they engage with has brought out old passions in me, allowed me to engage more in their very busy young lives” Alan proclaims. “It has enabled me to continue to enjoy those things I came to treasure about having a career time-out: ability to travel, to volunteer at the kids’ schools, to engage with my family more than a permanent full-time role would ordinarily allow.  Oh, and the luxury of time to be able to cook a top-notch dinner over the course of many rewarding hours of meticulous preparation and complex preparation. I will however admit that some results have been more successful than others!”

On his most recent assignment through Vario, Alan reflects: “Challenging, rewarding and invigorating.  Great to be working with and contributing to a good and interesting business, doing varied and complex work that suits my level of experience and takes advantage of what I contribute, and being surrounded with people who see the value I can add.  This assignment has come with a lot of travel and exposure right through all levels of the business, which has meant that no two days have been quite alike.”

So Alan’s parting advice for other legal professionals seeking to strike a balance between work and leisure with Vario? “Absolutely worth a go! It has worked very well for me – and I can see it being such a good fit for so many practitioners.”

“Challenging, rewarding and invigorating.”

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