Digital in planning - Smart engagement and collaborative data management

One of the cornerstones of last year’s Planning White Paper was “to make planning information easier to find and understand” using digital engagement. This seminar looks at how use of new technology can improve access to information, what digital engagement means in practice, and whether the current regulatory framework needs to adapt.

We begin with a practical perspective from Iceni Projects on one of the most exciting recent developments in digital planning – the use of drone technology both as a Covid-safe substitute for a site visit and as a way of understanding future developments. We’ll then review recent project by the ODI looking at how individuals, organisations and communities can create and maintain data assets, before considering what these kind of developments offer in terms of improving engagement in planning, and the potential legal pitfalls.


Event date

10:00 - 11:00 BST

Pinsent Masons Video


Charles Banner QC

QC at Keating Chambers

Charlotte Orrell

Senior Futures Consultant and Senior Planner at Iceni Projects

Rachel Wilson

Senior Developer at ODI