In this webinar, we present a food safety mock trial involving a fictitious pub chain, the Emerald Emperor, and some unwelcome furry friends. Food safety and hygiene is essential in any commercial kitchen and is heavily regulated to ensure customer safety. Consequently, if things go wrong, the repercussions for a business can be catastrophic.

We will first take you through the factual background to the prosecution, including a food safety inspection which resulted in the service of a hygiene emergency prohibition notice. We will then examine the evidence through witnesses representing each party and you, the audience and jury, will decide the Defendant’s fate – Guilty or Not Guilty? If it’s a guilty verdict the Judge (Ian Thomas of Six Pump Court) will sentence the convicted company immediately and in accordance with the Sentencing Guidelines.

This mock trial event provides an engaging snapshot of the potentially dire consequences, both financial and reputational, arising out of an alleged failure to comply with duties imposed by food safety and hygiene legislation.


Event date

10:00 - 12:30 BST

Pinsent Masons Video


Hannah Burton

Associate at Pinsent Masons

Ian Thomas

Barrister at Six Pump Court