We know that despite best intentions to develop positive working cultures, leaders are struggling to take meaningful action to address sexual harassment in Australian workplaces.

Working together with our clients we have taken a different approach that goes beyond compliance to develop a whole-of-organisation framework for fostering respectful, safe and inclusive working cultures. 

To champion this change we are now offering our Take the Lead program as an open short course.

According to the National survey on sexual harassment in Australian workplaces, 72% of Australians have been sexually harassed. With many serious allegations being reported by the media this year, employers are reflecting on their own cultures. The traditional compliance-led approach, focusing on the regulatory prohibition of harassment and the procedure for the victim to make a formal complaint, has not succeeded.

Take the Lead applies the recommendations from the [email protected] report published in 2020, and equips leaders with a framework for affecting culture change to foster a safe, respectful and inclusive working culture.


  • Understanding the drivers of sexual harassment and effective prevention measures  
  • Recognising and promoting respectful and inclusive behaviours
  • Addressing behaviours that conflict
  • Supporting victims of harassment and bystanders
  • Developing a framework to foster safe, respectful and inclusive cultures
Who should attend 

This interactive program has been designed for senior leaders, HR and legal professionals


Event date

12:00 - 13:30 AEST
AUS$350 per person


Justine Cooper

Head at Brook Graham APAC