ICC commission report: Construction Industry Arbitrations recommended tools and techniques for effective management

Together with the International Chamber of Commerce, Pinsent Masons will host the fourth webinar in a series reviewing best international practice in the conduct of international construction arbitrations.

This fourth webinar will explore key considerations, tools and best-practice techniques for controlling big data in construction industry arbitrations, including:

  1. Proportional document production, and its scope and form;
  2. Balanced handling of supplementary disclosure;
  3. The submission and organisation of documents; and
  4. A balanced role for data analytics.

For more than two decades, the ICC's think tank and rule making body, the Commission on Arbitration and ADR, has been giving special attention to best practice in the management of construction industry arbitrations under the auspices of the ICC Rules of Arbitration.

The ICC Commission Report, Construction Industry Arbitrations Recommended Tools and Techniques for Effective Management is a 2019 update of the first edition of the Final Report on Construction Industry Arbitrations published in 2001, reflecting both the various modifications made by the ICC Rules of Arbitration (as revised in 2017) and developments in the practice of arbitration in construction disputes. Thus it gives contemporary guidance on a range of tools and techniques for use in successfully managing construction arbitrations in the present day.

The seminar series provides a review of the techniques and tools flowing from the 2019 Report, as currently practiced in well managed international construction arbitrations, sharing experiences from the perspective of counsel, arbitrators and the ICC Court of Arbitration as to what works, when and how. The series comprises the following six parts:

Part 1 - Introduction to the 2019 Report - commencement and tribunal formation
Part 2 - Identifying and resolving issues in dispute 
Part 3 - Managing the arbitral process
Part 4 - Document control
Part 5 - Witness and expert evidence
Part 6 - Party settlement


16:30: Introduction
16:35: ICC's perspective
16:55: Arbitrator's perspective
17:15: Counsel's perspective
17:35: Role play
18:10: Q&A
18:30: Close


Event date

16:30 - 18:30 SGT

Pinsent Masons Video


Chiann Bao

Vice President at ICC Court of Arbitration

Hazel Tang

Counsel at ICC International Court of Arbitration

John Beechey

CBE at Arbitration Chambers

Yong Neng Chan

Senior Associate at Pinsent Masons