Powering the future: the opportunities that Corporate Power Purchase Agreements present to accelerate the path to Net Zero

Changing consumer behaviour has a critical role to play in the path to Net Zero. By entering into Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (CPPAs), many corporates are using their purchasing power to stimulate the development of new renewables projects. What factors encourage Corporates to purchase electricity in this way and what can be done to stimulate further CPPA uptake?

Join our panel of experts, including Christina Sobfeldt Jahn, Head of PPA Origination & Executive at Ørsted and Ilesh Patel, Partner and Global Markets & Strategy Lead - Energy & Resources at Baringa Partners, to discuss the opportunities which CPPAs present for developers and Corporates alike.
CPPAs have been seen by some as the preserve of those Corporates with the deepest pockets. We will consider what steps could be taken to democratise CPPAs and encourage a wider pool of energy users to procure electricity in this way.
We will ask whether by entering into CPPAs, Corporates are going far enough or if they have a responsibility to use their influence to encourage further uptake from their supply chain.
Our panel will consider these important issues and provide a glimpse into what the future might hold.

Event date

08.30-09.30 BST

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Christina Sobfeldt Jahn

Head of PPA Origination & Execution at Ørsted

Ilesh Patel

Partner and Global Markets & Strategy Lead at Energy & Resources, Baringa Partners