Responding to employees' inappropriate use of social media/instant messaging

This interactive online workshop explores circumstances when an employer can/should take disciplinary action in relation to comments made by employees on social media or instant messaging platforms.

Over the last year concerns have been raised about comments made by employees to colleagues via social media or instant messaging that should have drawn a response from their employers. 

This course examines when an employer should consider taking disciplinary action and how to respond to objections based on rights to privacy/freedom of expression.


  • The circumstances in which an employer can discipline employees for behaviours outside work
  • The importance of “acceptable use” policies and ensuring effective communication to all employees
  • Taking action to prevent bullying/harassment
  • Consideration of rights of privacy and freedom of expression 
  • Practical application of key principles based on recent case law

Event date

09:30 - 11:30 GMT
£75 + VAT per head
Virtual online course