Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council last week launched a consultation on its community infrastructure levy (CIL) preliminary draft charging schedule (18-page / 2.71MB PDF) (PDCS), with proposed residential rates ranging from £75 per square metre to £160 per sq m.

The Council has proposed dividing the borough into three residential charging zones. Zone 1 would cover the strategic sites in and around Basingstoke and Tadley and have a rate of £105 per sq m. A lower rate of £75 per sq m would apply in Zone 2 which would cover all other sites in and around Basingstoke and Tadley. For Zone 3, which would cover the rest of the borough, the proposed rate is set at £160 per sq m.

Retail developments would be subject to borough-wide rates according to type. For town centre comparison retail uses, the Council has proposed a rate of £85 per sq m. A draft rate of £240 per sq m has been set for retail warehouses, with rates of £60 per sq m for small convenience retail and £100 per sq m for supermarkets above 280 sq m. Superstores of 2,500 sq m and above would be charged at £220 per sq m under the proposals.

Budget hotels across the borough are subject to a draft rate of £55 per sq m. All other uses, including offices, full service hotels, industrial and warehouses, mixed leisure and care homes, have been set a draft nil rate levy.

The consultation is open for comments until 17 February. The Council said it expects to adopt its CIL charging schedule in January 2015.