Haringey Council will implement community infrastructure levy (CIL) in its area from 1 November following adoption of its charging schedule in July.

Under the adopted charging schedule (7-page / 1.5 MB PDF), the borough will be split into three charging zones for residential and student accommodation developments. Developments in the 'east zone', including White Hart Lane, Seven Sisters and Tottenham Hale will be subject to a rate of £15 per square metre. In the 'central zone', which includes Bounds Green, Woodside, Noel Park and Haringey, a rate of £165 per sq m will apply and in the 'west zone', encompassing Highgate, Muswell Hill, Hornsey and Crouch End, the rate will be £265 per sq m.

A borough-wide rate of £95 per sq m will be applied to supermarket developments and retail developments will be subject to a rate of £25 per sq m. All other uses will attract a nil rate levy.

The draft charging schedule was recommended for adoption by an examiner in February following consultation in October and November 2013.

In addition to CIL charged by the Council, any developments in the borough will also be subject to mayoral CIL. The mayoral CIL charge in Haringey is £35 per sq m on all uses except for health and education purposes, which are exempt from mayoral CIL.