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Hertsmere Borough Council will adopt community infrastructure levy (CIL) in its area from 1 December following adoption of its charging schedule in September.

Under the adopted charging schedule (3-page / 650 KB PDF) the borough will be divided into three separate charging zones for residential development. A rate of £180 per square metre will be applied for residential developments in 'Area B', which covers the south west and northern parts of the borough. A nil-rate will be charged within the Elstree Way Corridor. The rest of the borough has been designated as 'Area A', with a rate of £120 per sq m to be applied.

Hotels and specialist accommodation for the elderly and disabled will attract a borough-wide rate of £120 per sq m. Retail developments will be subject to a rate of £80 per sq m and a  nil rate levy will apply to office and industrial developments.

The draft charging schedule was recommended for approval by an examiner in December.