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Residential developers in Maidstone will be subject to community infrastructure levy (CIL) rates of up to £126 per square metre under proposals published by the local authority.

Maidstone Borough Council has launched a consultation on its preliminary draft charging schedule (PDCS) (18-page / 4.63MB PDF). It has proposed three different rates for residential developments according to geographical location and land classification.

For schemes on previously developed land in the borough's urban area, the PDCS has proposed a rate of £35 per sq m. For schemes on greenfield land and in private residential gardens in the urban area or the urban periphery, a rate of £84 per sq m would be levied. The highest proposed residential rate of £126 per sq m would apply to rural service centres and larger settlements in the countryside.

The Council has proposed to only charge CIL on retail developments that are located out of its town centre. A draft rate of £189 per sq m has been set to apply to local convenience retail stores of up to 750 sq m and a draft rate of £260 per sq m has been set for supermarkets, superstores and retail warehouses of more than 750 sq m floorspace.

A nil rate levy would apply to all other uses according to the proposals.

The PDCS consultation is open for comments until 7 May. The Council said it expects to adopt CIL in autumn 2015.