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As demand rises for quality online learning we showcase 5 e-learning modules

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    The pandemic has caused surge in digital learning. That is the conclusion of new research by the CIPD and Accenture which has been published in the CIPD’s latest Learning and Skills at Work Report. It shows that 7 in 10 organisations have increased their use of digital and online solutions over the past year, and more than a third have increased their investment in learning technology. People Management reviews the findings and carries the CIPD’s central message which is that being able to reskill and redeploy workers is now an ‘essential’ requirement and that digital learning can help you get there. Peter Cheese, chief executive of the CIPD, is quoted saying how the pandemic has prompted learning professionals to prepare for future changes down the track and how he hopes to see a continuation of the innovation and adaptability we have seen so far. 

    Personnel Today also covers this and compares the type of digital learning being used. The data shows that whilst the use of more basic digital learning such as webinars had increased, the rise of more sophisticated modes of digital learning had stalled. The researchers surmised this was because organisations were transferring their face-to-face content online and only a minority were making the most of learning technology and its benefits.  In other words, the temptation has been to simply move content online without thinking about whether it is an effective way of teaching. 

    An interesting finding, and a concern, is that learning professionals are not widely using evidence to inform their decisions around learning. Only around a third said they were proactive in identifying the performance issue that needed addressing before recommending a solution for it. Andy Young, Accenture’s managing director within the Talent & Organisation practice, is quoted saying how he thinks businesses will need better technology skills and more human ingenuity as the pandemic continues, and that people wanted growth and development at work, wherever they were located. So, he is saying the demand from staff for effective online learning solutions is there, and employers need to have the online solutions to deliver it to them.

    One of the key findings, although perhaps not surprising, was around the pressure on L&D resources. Around a third of organisations reported reductions in budgets, L&D headcount and use of external consultants - the growth in online training of various types has been, to a large extent, a response to that. So, L&D continues, albeit in a different and more cost-effective way, through digital means.

    Many of our clients have found themselves in exactly that situation – constrained by budget cuts but keen to use technology – so to help we have developed a number of e-learning modules for managers and employees. There are 5 in total - a trio of courses in our Management Essentials series covering Disciplinary & Grievance Hearings, Investigations and Capability plus our pair of courses on Sexual Harassment, one for employees and one for managers. 

    As to cost, we don’t operate the typical subscription model that you see with the vast majority of e-learning courses on the market which base the cost on the number of users. Instead all the modules come with a licence for an unlimited number of users which means hundreds of people can all be trained for a one-off purchase cost, with the option to repeat the training as many times as you like without any further cost. Each of the three Management Essentials modules is priced at £3,500, or if you buy all three modules together, £9,000 and most clients who have purchased so far have opted for that discounted package. As for the Harassment modules they cost £3,750 each. Included for that cost is a degree of tailoring – adding your organisation’s logo throughout and including your organisation’s policies and procedures and any other documentation you'd like to add. 

    If you would like to have a closer look at any of the modules you can, we are offering a free demonstration so please do get in touch if this might be something you want to consider for your staff. Contact details are on the screen for you.


    - Link to CIPD’s Learning & Skills at Work report
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