Sheffield consults on revised CIL draft charging schedule

Out-Law News | 01 Sep 2014 | 4:02 pm | 1 min. read

Sheffield City Council has opened consultation on a revised community infrastructure levy (CIL) draft charging schedule (DCS), proposing rates of up to £80 per square metre for residential developments.

The DCS (7-page / 62 KB PDF) proposes to divide the city into five zones for residential developments, with different rates proposed for each zone. According to the DCS, a nil rate has been proposed for residential developments in the north east of the city, which has been allocated as 'Zone 1'.

Residential developments in the rest of the city will face proposed charges of: £10 per sq m in 'Zone 2', covering the east of the city; £30 per sq m in 'Zone 3', covering Stocksbridge and Deepcar, the north west and south east of the city, the west of the city centre, Manor, Arbourhorne, Gleadless, Chapeltown, Ecclesfield and the rural Upper Don Valley; £50 per sq m in 'Zone 4', covering the south of the city centre; and £80 per sq m in 'Zone 5', covering the south west.

A rate of £30 per sq m is proposed for retail developments within the 'City Centre Prime Retail Area' with a £60 per sq m charge for the 'Meadowhall Prime Retail Area'. Retail outlets with 3,000 sq m or more of floor space, including superstores and retail warehouses, will be charged £60 per sq m under the DCS.

City-wide levies of £40 per sq m for hotel developments, £30 per sq m for student accommodation and £10 per sq m for out-of-town health and fitness clubs, private gyms and cinemas are proposed. A city-wide nil rate levy will apply for all other uses, including offices and industry.

The Council consulted on a previous version of the DCS earlier this year. The revised DCS proposes the same rates for residential, hotel and student accommodation developments as the previous version. However, two strategic sites previously allocated for a £30 per sq m charge for retail developments have been removed from the revised version and the proposed charge for certain out-of-town leisure uses had been reduced from £30 per sq m to £10 per sq m.

Consultation is open until 28 October.