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Sunderland Council objects to Newcastle and Gateshead's joint core strategy

Out-Law News | 20 Jan 2012 | 3:32 pm |

Sunderland City Council has objected to Newcastle and Gateshead's joint Core Strategy because it "would undermine the integrity of the green belt”. Sunderland Council agreed to formally object to the proposals at a recent planning committee meeting .

The joint Core Strategy is a key planning policy document for Newcastle and Gateshead, mapping out where future development should take place in the area for the next 20 years.

Sunderland has submitted a "holding objection" to proposals in the Core Strategy for housing development in the vicinity of Leam Lane, which would result in development of green belt. The green belt has remained undeveloped for the last 20 years and development of the area "would undermine the integrity of the green belt”, the Council said.

Sunderland Council has said it will continue to monitor the situation and will maintain its objection to the Core Strategy until housing allocations are reconsidered. Sunderland is hoping that the impending revocation of Regional  Strategies could lead to reduced housing targets, and as a consequence, mean that the housing requirement for Leam Lane is dropped.

The Localism Act provides for the revocation of Regional Strategies which, amongst other things, set housing targets. It is likely that with the proposed abolition of Regional Strategies housing targets could be greatly reduced and there would no longer be the need for housing on Leam Lane.