Surrey Heath Borough Council will implement community infrastructure levy in its area from 1 December following adoption of its charging schedule in July.

Under the adopted charging schedule (6-page / 3.6 MB PDF), the borough will be split into three separate charging zones for residential developments, with differential charging rates within two of the zones depending on whether or not developers provide open space in the form of Suitable Accessible Natural Greenspace (SANG) to divert visitors away from the Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area.

Within the 'Western Charging Zone', residential development will be subject to a rate of £55 per sq m if SANG is provided and £180 per sq m if no SANG is provided. Residential development within the 'Eastern Charging Zone' will be subject to a rate of £95 per sq m if SANG is provided and £220 per sq m if it is not. A nil rate will be charged for residential development within the Princess Royal Barracks site, which has been allocated in the Council's core strategy for residential development.

A nil rate levy will apply to retail development within Camberley town centre falling within use classes A1 to A5, with a rate of £100 per sq m applied to the rest of the borough. A borough-wide rate of £200 per sq m will be applied to retail warehousing development, supermarkets and superstores. All other developments will attract a nil rate.

The Council's draft charging schedule was approved by an examiner in March.