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Victoria’s councils collaborate on wind energy

Out-Law News | 28 May 2021 | 1:08 am |

46 of Victoria’s councils have signed up to the Victorian Energy Collaboration (VECO) project which is the largest emission reduction project in Australia.

It is reported that most of councils will make the switch to wind energy by 1 July. Once all 79 councils have joined, 45% of Victorian council electricity will be generated from wind energy which is the equivalent of powering 4,800 homes with renewable energy each year.

The renewable energy will be provided by two wind farms in Victoria: Dundonnell wind farm near Mortlake which began exporting power to the grid in 2020, and Murra Warra II wind farm near Horsham which will be fully operational by June 2022.

The project was initiated and facilitated by the Victorian Greenhouse Alliances.