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West Lancashire Borough Council will implement community infrastructure levy (CIL) in its area from 1 September following adoption of its charging schedule in July.

Under the adopted charging schedule (3-page / 1.1 MB PDF), the borough will be split into two charging zones. All types of development within 'zone B', which covers the inner areas of Skelmersdale and the Up Holland settlement area, will be subject to a nil rate levy.

Within 'zone A', which covers the rest of the borough, residential developments other than essential workers' dwellings and apartments will be subject to a rate of £85 per square metre, with a nil rate for essential workers' dwellings and apartments.

Convenience retail developments within 'zone A' will be subject to a rate of £160 per sq m and food and drink developments within use classes A3, A4 and A5 will be subject to a rate of £90 per sq m. All other developments will attract a nil rate.

The Council consulted on its draft charging schedule in October and November 2013 and it was approved by an examiner in July.