An examiner has recommended the approval of Woking Borough Council's community infrastructure levy (CIL) draft charging schedule (DCS), subject to minor changes.

In her report (12-page / 66 KB PDF), examiner Sara Morgan praised the evidence provided by the Council in support of the levy. "The DCS is supported by detailed evidence of community infrastructure needs and viability studies of an appropriate range of development types and applying generally accepted standard practice," said the examiner. "On this basis, the evidence which has been used to inform the charging schedule is robust, proportionate and appropriate."

Advising only minor changes, including the addition of a definition of "residential" development, the examiner recommended that the DCS be approved following modification.

The Council proposes to charge a rate of £75 per square metre for residential developments within the town centre and £125 per sq m across the rest of the Borough. Retail developments will be subject to a rate of £75 per sq m following adoption of the modified charging schedule and a nil rate levy will be applied to all other commercial and non-residential uses.

The Council said it expects to adopt the modified charging schedule in October 2014, subject to a Council decision.