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Managing your international data challenges

Transferring personal data from the EU and UK has got much harder since the Court of Justice of the European Union's ruling in the Schrems II case. Businesses now have to make a risk assessment on every data transfer, adding a significant burden to those doing business internationally.

Sentalis from Pinsent Masons automates parts of that process, making data transfer quicker, easier and cheaper.


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How does it work?

It uses decision-making technology to assess your transfer as low, medium or high risk based on the laws of the receiving country; the nature of the data; the type of recipient, and the security measures in place.

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What are the benefits of Sentalis?

Sentalis makes it quicker and easier to transfer data outside of the EU and UK. It provides an audit trail for transfer decisions; collates information to help you prepare data transfer agreements, and provides a list of actions to take to reduce transfer risk.

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How do I access Sentalis?

Sentalis is hosted securely in the cloud, so you can access and use it easily.

Meet the team

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Jonathan Kirsop

Partner, Head of Information Law

Jonathan is a data protection and technology specialist with a particular focus on advising financial services clients. Jonathan's clients range from international banks to small asset managers and pension funds as well advising clients in other sectors, such as life sciences, leisure and travel.

Kirsop Jonathan
Andre Walter

Head of Data Law Solutions, Netherlands

Andre leads the Data Law Solutions team in Amsterdam. He is a strategic adviser in the field of data protection and privacy with extensive legal advisory, consulting and industry experience.

Walter Andre